Pick many counter - how to take selection count back to zero across multiple slides

Dec 15, 2019

Hi, I'm new to Articulate 360 so bear with me if I've set this up the wrong way as am learning as I go!

I have a pick many quiz that runs across several slides (3 x questions).  Each slide has a different scenario/question and a different number of items to be selected. 

I want to include a counter which shows the learner how many items they've selected on each slide, and gives a warning if they select too many.  This all works fine except the number of items selected on the previous slide is still showing on the counter when they navigate to the following slide. 

Is there a way to take the counter back to zero on each slide so they start afresh on each question?

I think I've shared the files below but first time doing this so not sure if I've got it right.




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Wendy Farmer

Hi Julie and welcome to the forum :-)

Variables are global to the project so in your case, you would need to reset the variable to zero when the user leaves slide 1 OR create 3 unique variables one for each slide.

Without knowing how your file is setup - you've uploaded the published file - it's easier for folks to help you if you supply the .story file (the source file you edit in SL) - that way we can see how your triggers are working.

For example you could set this trigger when the user clicks Next (this would need to be on all slides prior to where you want to reuse it)

Adjust variable (your number variable) value = 0 when user clicks Next.  Make sure this trigger is above the Jump to slide next slide trigger as SL executes triggers in order.


Hope that helps


Najam  Fazal

In each of your pick many question slide, you would have a trigger on submit button that submits this interaction. You can add a trigger to this submit button (but above the user clicks submit button trigger) that will have adjust variable action and set its value to 0.

Since you are new to Articulate, here's a step-by-step:

  1. Open your free form slide. Go into triggers panel and click create new trigger
  2. In Action, select Adjust Variable
  3. Click Set and select = Set
  4. Click variable, select your counter variable
  5. Set the value to 0
  6. In When, select user clicks
  7. Select Submit Button
  8. Click OK

See the Trigger Panel, a trigger will be created. Use the arrows (highlighted below in red) to move the newly added trigger before the already present trigger. This way, it will be executed first and then the interaction will get submitted.


If you have different variables per slide, then change the variable name in the trigger on respective slides.

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