Numeric dropdown box and counter

Dec 28, 2021

I need help with creating 2 items. I need a dropdown box and an automatic counter. I need a dropdown box where they select a number (0, .5, or 1). They will do this for 5 questions. Then, I need a box that will tally their number choices. I don't need this total for each individual question, but for all 5 questions combined. So, for example, if they choose 0, 1, 1, 0, .5, then the total box should say 2.5. I also  need the total to subtract if they go back and make a different choice.

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Richard Watson


Your idea is possible but will require creating variables, state changes, and Storyline layers. 

I've built something that aligns with your requirements above, but I'm working on a client project for the next few days. When I get a little time, I'll come back and provide more details on how I built it.

In the meantime, this post and sample will give you some insight into using the layers to achieve the drop-down effect and store the variable values. From there, you need to add triggers to calculate the results.


Richard Watson


Sorry but I don't have access to Storyline 3. I've been using Storyline 360. Can you install an evaluation copy of Storyline 360 to open and view? 

From Articulate:

Text Autofit Improvements

Text autofit improvements are exclusive to Storyline 360 and part of our ongoing commitment to making courses fully accessible to all learners. New Storyline 360 project files that use this feature won’t open in Storyline 3 or earlier versions of Storyline 360. Install Storyline 360 build 3.52.25156.0 or later to open the project.