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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ejuana! :) Hope you're doing well!

Are you unable to actually select the second object? Is it possible that someone else on the slide is covering that particular object? To check, try right-clicking on the object and selecting "Bring to Front". Does that do the trick?

If that doesn't work and the object is listed and selected as a correct response, are you able to share the .STORY here? I'd be happy to take a look.



Ejuana Mitchell

Hi Christine,

I am able to use Pick Many - I just deleted the slide and created a new one.

But I did recreate the original problem - it occurs when you convert a slide to Pick Many that was originally a Pick One.

Maybe someone can check and see if you can recreate the problem.

Here are the steps:

  1. Create a blank slide (NOT A QUIZ).
  2. Add a few shapes.
  3. Select Convert to Freeform.
  4. Select Pick One, setup the slide with one correct answer, test it to see it works.
  5. Remove Freefrom from the slide you just created.
  6. Convert to Freeform again, but this time select Pick Many, setup the slide with two correct answers.
  7. When you test the slide, you will be able to select only one shape.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ejuana,

Thanks for the clarifications and the steps you took to reproduce this. 

I've tested this on my end a few times now, but I'm afraid I'm not seeing the same behavior. In the end, I'm able to select and submit both shapes/objects on the slide without issue. 

When you tried this, did you do so in a new Storyline course, or in the original course that had the issue? If you haven't already, try creating a new blank course and see if the same thing happens.

Thanks again!


Christine Hendrickson

Thanks for taking a look, Phil!

Hmm, are you saying that it's not updating for you when disabling the button set, Phil?

Oddly enough, if I remove the set ("None.."), it's removed and I'm able to select multiple objects when previewing. 

Ejuana, can you take a look at the attachment, or try the same thing in your original file, please?



Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro


If it helps to hear from a 3rd party, my "tests" show the same thing. What Phil's saying (my interpretation) is that when you do the conversion the Button Set is NOT removed. If you remove it manually, you're all set:

  1. Create a Pick One quiz with several objects. Works fine
  2. Remove Freeform
  3. Insert Freeform and choose Pick Many quiz.
  4. Take the quiz - can only select one object
  5. Back in slide view, right-click on the objects and note they're all part of "Button Set One."
  6. Remove the Button set.
  7. Re-take the quiz.
  8. Good to go!

So, I guess it IS a bug...