Freeform Questions

I have created a quiz using freeform questions. Each question has a check box next to the answer option. When I preview or publish the quiz, the check boxes/answer options are not lined up. Some show up centered from left to right while others are pushed off the screen. Any ideas on how to keep things lined up when preview/publishing?

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Kelly.

Sorry you've come across this, and thank you for sharing your file with us for a closer look!

I tested the file in Storyline 360, Update 31, where I also see some formatting issues when setting the answers to Shuffle – here's a short video of my testing. It happens when I retake the quiz. Either way, so odd!

I'm going to share this with our Support Engineers to see if I can get some further insight from them. Look out for an email from shortly, and I'll follow along to share any needed updates here!

Michael Bennett

Katie, I have the same issue with latest Storyline 360 trial version. The right side choices line up vertically when shuffle is off but do not line up when shuffling is active. Please note that the choices are PNG files so that they can be dragged to either of the large ovals on the left. The correct answers are that the first 5 unshuffled choices should be dragged to the "Standard Access" oval and the last 5 choices dragged to the "Privileged Access" oval. I have a hotspot hidden under each oval but I am also wondering if they are even needed?

Lauren Connelly

Hi Michael!

This is a quick fix!

Here are the steps:

  1. Select all of the answer choices.
  2. Choose Arrange in the HOME tab and then Align.
  3. In this drop-down, select Distribute Vertically.
  4. Repeat Steps 1 and 2.
  5. This time choose Align Left.
  6. Preview the project. 

I've also recorded a tutorial just in case you want to see these steps in action! Here's the link.