Freeform Quiz - changing States for Feedback


I've built a couple of quizzes using the Freeform feature. I don't wish for a results slide as such, but if the user should go back, he can see what he ticked write or wrong.

I've used one Articulate template (the corkboard with the Drag & Drop) and here it's all perfect - of course.

On mine I've changed the states of the respective pictures - so I've got a "Drop Correct" and a "Drop Incorrect". But it doesn't work. I've noticed on Articulate's one, it says in the corner of the States screen "States for Request - "drag one.png" but I don't know how to get there.

Mine just says "States for Picture - "CaseStudy.png".

So somewhere I think I've missed how to connect the states to the feedback layers.

Can anyone help me please?


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