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Crystal Horn

Hi Klaas!  Thanks for including your .story file.  The correct answers are listed as Picture 7, Picture 8, Picture 9, etc, but their normal state doesn't include anything on the slide.  Also, the clickable space for each correct answer is relatively small, and I've found that when dealing with touch devices, small selections can be hard to make.

Could you place a larger hotspot over those pictures to increase the amount of clickable space?  You would have to rearrange some triggers to make the selected state appear on the pictures.

Crystal Horn

Hi Klaas. I need a little help. It looks like the green and red bars at the bottom indicate a review layer.  Is "Bekijken" your review layer?

It also looks like the review layer is triggered from another slide layer (Nog steeds...) on the question slide:

Typically, during a quiz review, you'll see the Previous and Next buttons even if you've disabled them for the question slide. Your setup is a little atypical, though.

When the previous and next buttons appear, is that happening when triggered from the Nog steeds... layer?  Or from the results slide (which also triggers the review layer immediately)?

Klaas Groen

Bekijken is indeed the Dutch review layer. I think I found out how to get rid of the buttons. The buttons disappear when I only use the trigger show layer 'bekijken' instead of review quiz. So they get triggered from the result slide and not from the 'nog steeds niet helemaal goed' layer. Still weird that HTML5 behaves differently than Flash.