French characters to answers missing in reporting Q&A data

Mar 05, 2018

Hi guys,

I've been facing difficulties when looking at the full question and answer reporting on our LMS as well as

Form some reason, the answers to all the questions are skipping the French characters (é, è, à, ù, û, etc.). They are either replaced with a _ or an blank space.

Anyone ever faced that issue and was able to find a solution. Our LMS provider tells that it's normal, but I disaggree. I've never encountered that issue with other LMS before.

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Frederic,

If you find that the non-English characters or accent marks are being replaced by underscores (_) or a blank space in LMS debug logs or reports, this is due to conforming to SCORM standards.

SCORM 2004 supports a lot more characters, which may be implemented by the LMS you have encountered no issues with but some LMS's still don't support this. 

You can find more information here regarding this.

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