FTP Transfer Problems

I have a very large presentation.  It seems to publish correctly, and when I attempt to connect via FTP it connects successfully.  But when I attempt to transfer the files one of a couple of things will happen.  1)  It begins the download but around 1/2 to 3/4ths of the way through the program stops responding.   2) I get an message saying 0 Match. 

I was able to transfer files when I had a basic domain program.  These problems have been occurring since I went to a VPS.

The techs said I should try going with a passive FTP mode and they said something about FileZilla.  Do I need to be going through something other than an FTP directly to my website?

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Melanie Mornard

OK, I downloaded Filezilla.  Then I set up a test folder and transferred all the updated Storyline presentation files.  They all transferred to the VPS, but I still can't get the course to play.  Since I essentially put all the same files in the test folder I just changed the folder name in the URL, but everything else in the URL is the same.  I got this error message. "The internet site says the item you requested could not be found."


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Melanie!

Be sure that you are following the instructions shared here

This comes to mind:

When uploading published content to a server via a third-party FTP client, be sure it's using Binary Transfer Mode. If you use ASCII Transfer Mode or Auto Transfer Mode, the XML files in your published output may become corrupt.