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Mar 06, 2018

Hello, I'm using SL2 and I have developed a project with full screen display.  I have created my own next and prev buttons for navigation.  However, when I inserted a Quiz, the stock "submit" button appears and now there is a space created at the bottom of the display window on all slides.  Is there a way to prevent this?  Do I have to create custom displays for quizzes and test that eliminate the stock submit buttons?

Thanks, Vic

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Victor Madison

I added the submit button and trigger to the master slide. The button works but then, the 'submit interaction' trigger does not see the button when you use that slide layout.  So, I had to remove the button from the slide master and manually add the button to each slide to make the feedback active.  That is very labor intensive.  Any workarounds? 

Victor Madison

There are more issues with quizzes using the modified "full screen" display mode.  Review Quiz is now in need of repair.  At the end of the quiz, there is an option to review the quiz.  To maintain the full screen, you have to uncheck the next/prev buttons.  If that is done and a you performed a review with the modified question screens, the questions show the submit button at the bottom - not next/prev.  So you cannot advance through the quiz question during the review.  What a tangled web we weave!  It appears that even more modifications are required to perform the quiz review and maintain the full screen.

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