Future Proofing Courses

Hi All,

Recently we were asked to submit a proposal in which we had to explain how we were going to 'future proof'

e-learning content to ensure that it would function on mobile devices for several years to come.

This left us a little stumped ...

All we could come up with was minimising/removing flash content and JavaScript reliant functionality.

Has anyone else come across this sort of request?

How would you approach it?

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Rich Calcutt

Kineo and Epic have put their stock in 'responsive' design, but that's not something Storyline can do. Responsive design, in my view, is a red herring. Nobody wants to take a full course on a mobile - it's too small and too slow, and completely disregards the way that people actually USE their phones/tablets. 

Personally, I think 'future proofing' for mobiles is a lot more about what we get people to do on their phones and tablets. Instead of putting courses on a mobile device, keep the main course PC or tablet based, then provide stripped back, resource focused content for mobile. e.g. Full course on PC accompanied by a quick reference guide for mobile, where the mobile content acts as an ongoing resource for learners to refresh their memory with when they need it. 

We have access to our phones virtually 24/7, so learners can use the quick reference guide to refresh their knowledge quickly at the point of application, without having to sift through a full mobile course for the information they need in the moment. 

Just my 2 pence

Harri C

Hey Rich,

Fancy bumping into you on here.....

Responsive design is a great idea but I agree that not everything that can be delivered on a mobile, should be. We did advise on making the bulk of the content accessible on PC or tablet and only having pdf. documents and short videos available for mobile phones and devices with smaller screens for that reason.

But even then, so many people in the forums discuss adding flash content and JavaScript to their SL courses when it would appear that these elements are becoming outdated/used less (flash not functioning on ipad for example). So how do you ensure these types of courses will still function in 5 years time?

Rich Calcutt

Harri C - we meet again! 

Give me a call after your lunch or something - I'm on XXXXX XXX XXX. I had to laugh at the idea of a course still being relevant 5 years down the line. I guarantee that we'll be designing courses quite differently by then. Not to mention that unless this client operates the most stoic organisation ever, their content will be outdated within 2-3 years max, anyway.