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Nov 18, 2013

I am finding that images degrade significantly when inserted into a course. I have compared images that were on slides imported from PowerPoint and images that were inserted (with different format: JPEG, PNG, etc.) directly into Storyline and there still is a significant degradation in quality. This is especially problematic since most of the images contain text that is noticeably blurry.

We have set up PowerPoint to not compress images but that only makes a slight difference when the slides are imported into Storyline.

Are there any work-arounds or other methods to make sure image clarity is not lost in Storyline?

Thank you!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Carrie,

You mention inserting images from Powerpoint and as standalone images - do the standalone images still appear blurry to you? Some addition things to look at, there is a maximum image size within Storyline so anything larger will be scaled down.  If you're not publishing for the mobile player or HTML5, you may want to look at using a vector image instead of a PNG, as the PNG image won't scale correctly. 

C. Ferguson

Ashley what vector image file type should we use? I've run into this same issue with EMFs, WMFs, TIFFs, and PDFs. Greatly reduced resolution and fuzzy degraded imaging. Also SVGs won't work in Storyline, nor will AIs. I have yet to find a solution to this issue, and it is at the core of functionality.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hey Adam, 

I saw you posted in a few different forum discussions, some of which are quite old, so to keep the conversation going, we'll work in the newest one here.  Especially since some of the other discussions deal with older versions of the product I wouldn't want to confuse the issues or anyone else who may stumble upon these topics. 

Glenn Hopper

I've been following a series of these older questions and haven't yet seen a solution to my problem.

I'm at a new job (new laptop) with new installations of both PPT and SL 2. My previous experience has been very good with importing PPT files into SL and getting good image quality published output using custom optimization as suggested in this thread. However, using every angle and trick I know and have researched to this point, everything in the content frame regardless if it's from PPT or created in SL is unacceptably blurry.

I typically set up for full screen viewing based on the fine detail I need to show - and of course that gives me the worst image - but optimized settings are not really any better. All the player image looks great (menu, frame, player bar etc.) but the content image quality is not good at all.

I've tested "9 ways from Sunday" with out any difference in output.

Note: This ain't my first rodeo but for the first time I'm publishing for the Web rather than for an LMS. Is there that big a difference in quality?

Any advise would be appreciated!

Glenn Hopper

Thanks for the quick reply Alyssa!

Unfortunately, the content just isn't as crisp as I remember my previous work being. I'll have to look for previous samples to compare (they're home on another drive) and I can send you a sample of those.

From my research this does seem to be an issue though. I suppose we can live with the degradation but I'm trying to build an entire training program around this capability and want to make a great first impression!

Is this an issue with version 3? Would an upgrade be a fix?

Again, thanks for the quick response - I'll keep you posted.

Alyssa Gomez

Ah, that makes sense. It sounds like your browser is forcing the HTML5 version instead of the Flash version. What browser are you using, and do you know if Flash is enabled in your browser? 

If you're using Chrome, which is the only HTML5 supported browser for Storyline 2, follow these steps to enable Flash.

Glenn Hopper

I enabled Flash as you suggested and it is better but not by as much as I hoped. It's certainly worth doing but I may be better served by working within the confines of the optimum browser and screen sizes.

But as an enhancement suggestion can improved full size resolutions be looked into?

Thank you so much for your help Alyssa. You rock!

Glenn Hopper

Hi Alyssa,

New issue: In preview my file pays fine but when published and reviewed the strangest thing happens - my Arial Narrow font is dropping all its lowercase "i" characters!

I bumped up the PPT font size (Storyline is an imported PPT file) from 18 to 20 to see if that helped - but it did not.

Attached is my zip file. Can you shed any light on this with me?

Thanks again -


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Glenn,

I published your file to my local drive for Web and then uploaded here to Tempshare.  I didn't see any missing letters in the Flash output or the HTML5 output using Chrome. Could you give that a test and let me know how it looks for you?

If you see any missing letters let me know what browsers too! 

Just so you know, I published it with Storyline 2 Update 12. 

Glenn Hopper

Hi Ashley,

Using the latest version of Chrome I clicked your link (an html5) to review the published file and I'm still missing lowercase "i's".

I switched to Firefox and it looks fine! What the heck?

Is html5 not a good fit for Chrome? I've previously posted all my work through an LMS and I've never seen image degradation like I'm encountering now. So odd... 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Glenn,

Do you know what version of Chrome and Firefox you're using?  Here's a quick video I made in peek on how to check. 

Chrome has been historically the best option for HTML5, but I've now heard about this missing "i" issue from a few users - although I can't replicate it myself!  Are you missing the "i"s everywhere? I see them on the first few slides but didn't go much farther than that. 

If you can figure out version, that'd be really helpful as our team is looking into this oddness! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Glenn,

Glad you liked my Peek! Its my favorite tool in Articulate 360. 😁 

I don't have screenshare capabilities, but I know a few other users have started Support cases about this same issue. Our team still isn't able to replicate it yet, but if you wanted I can start a support case for you and they'll be able to take another look at your file and settings. 

Is it only that font and font size? I checked your file again and even the smallest fonts on the slides display normally for me!  I recorded a quick Peek of that on a few slides to demonstrate it and confirmed I'm on the same build of Chrome. 

Glenn Hopper

Hi Ashley,

Your term "oddness" is perfect here!

Initially I just made the font bigger but it didn't fix things so I simply changed the font from a narrow to Calibri just to make the problem go away. I did not test additional narrow or thin fonts.

However, with my new position, hardware, install etc. I'm simply not seeing the Articulate video clarity I've been so used to seeing. Yes, oddness.

If you think a support case is a good route to saving what's left of my sanity - I'm all for it!

Is there anything else you need from me?