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Alison Coops

The problem seems to be with the Results.scorepoints variable.  The course already has a quiz, so when I imported the game it became Results1.scorepoints.  From my perspective "Submit Interaction" is a black box, so I don't know what's wrong or how to fix it. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Allison!

Design help is outside of our scope of support, but I'd love to grab more details to see if I can get you started. 

I'm looking at the Results Slide, and I'm noticing two different Results variables being called out.

Instead, I'd make sure only one is called out. Either Results1 or Results16.

Next, I'm having a difficult time getting past the first slide. My cursor spins after pressing the "Log in" button. Are you seeing that too?

Lastly, I didn't see a submit interaction button. Do you mind sharing where that button is in the course?

Alison Coops

Hi Lauren,  I didn't create the template, I'm just using it.  It seems to be using multiple results variables to keep and display a running score.  It looks like Results1 is the score after question 1, etc. up through results 16 at the end. There is a Submit button below the four answers on each slide.  Yes, the spinning circle after the first slide is the problem I'm trying to solve.  The game seems to work as a stand-alone, but when I inserted it in a course that already has a quiz it doesn't seem to work anymore.

Alison Coops

So apparently when I imported the game into the course, Storyline decided that each slide needed to reference a different variable and created 14 new ones which didn't have any values.  The only  way I knew to figure out what was the "right" variable was to create a new results slide and delete the old one.  I made all of the references to the "right" variable, but it's still not working.