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Feb 26, 2019

Recently I created a Game Show course for challenge #217. When I preview the course in Storyline, it runs perfectly. When I try to share the course using Google Cloud, it's not working as expected. For example, a circle is supposed to show up in the square if the correct answer is picked. Once the learner gets three circles in a row, they should win but that's also not happening. I've been able to use Google Cloud Platform for sharing various courses in the past without issue so I'm stumped.

Here's the link:


Thank you in advance!

Amy Lamb

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Mark Banit

Hi Amy,

This seems like the issue is specific to the HTML5 output issue vs something specific to Google Cloud -- I tried the Flash version ( and the circle showed up properly. 

If you want to post your source file I can take a look to see what might be causing the issue.


Mark Banit

Hi Amy -- looks like the issue is actually trigger order. On your "right" layers (i.e. Q9 Jax right), you have the state change trigger after the trigger to jump back to the "Pick a square" slide. Triggers are fired in the order in which they are listed, so because the first trigger says to jump to another slide, the other triggers don't get that's why the state never changes. Once I moved the state change to be above the jump to slide trigger, the circle appeared properly in Chrome. 

I'm not sure why it worked fine for you when you previewed it, as when I previewed in Storyline the circles didn't appear... might just be a processing speed thing where in some instances it has time to run the 2nd trigger before jumping to a different slide. That might explain why it worked fine in the Flash version too.

Either way, switching the trigger orders should resolve your issue.

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