Garbled font issue publishing to html5

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I'm having an issue with a storyline 3 file published to HTML5 for web delivery. The file uses the standard storyline player, has Arial font throughout (originally articulate but I changed it all when the issue first arose), it displays fine on Chrome, Edge and Firefox when uploaded to a test server I use and to tempshare. However, when published to my client's server, some users experience issues whereby the text is garbled, or contains symbols instead of letters. I re-uploaded the file this morning and experienced the issue myself initially, but upon revisiting the file, having made no changes, the text now appears correctly. I've read through previous posts similar to this in relation to HTML5 and font download settings, but can't find a solution that explains why it happens initially but then corrects itself? I wondered if it related to my client's server settings but they insist it's not caused at their end so I'd appreciate advice from anyone who has experienced similar?


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Katie Riggio

Hello, Kathy. Thanks for sharing what's happening!

We've seen reports where fonts display incorrectly on one server, but look fine on another server. When that happens, the affected server may not have WOFF file support. This article gives more insight into this topic with solutions to try!

Now, the inconsistency you saw with the font does sound odd! Would you be willing to work closely with a Support Engineer? They're rockstars at tracking down the cause of such behavior!

Let me know if you open a case so I can follow along!