Generate random number without duplication

Dec 06, 2017

Hi Folks!

I'm in need of your help, as I'm trying to create a set of numbers generated in a random order.  Basically I have 10 slides, but I don't want them to be played in order.  So I thought that the new random number feature in Storyline 360 could help by generating the random number and saying "if number is equal to 6, show slide 6", but what I don't want it to do is generate a random number that's already been used before otherwise it would 'skip' the user back to that slide again. 

Any ideas? (I've got to stress that I'm having a bit of an off day so sorry if the glaringly obvious didn't show up, but I thought I'd ask my community friends for some ideas first).

Many thanks!


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Brent Daviau

Hey Ian,

Lucky you! This is my first contribution post ever, and this peaked my interest! Unfortunately, Storyline does not have if / else options in variable conditions so we have to get a bit creative here unless we wanted to take a dive into Javascript land. Please let me know if this is what you are after.

NOTE: Do not preview just the first slide. If you do, you will need to force quit the application and reopen. Good luck on your project and let me know if you have any questions regarding my setup. :)

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