Complex navigation

Hi... I'm trying to do something but it seams I'm way over my head...

I need a navigation that goes trough different subjects but must follow an order...

For instance, imagine you have 6 buttons that are a menu but I need them to be chose one at the time in a correct order.

After that each button goes to a subject, to a number of slides with information and in the end of each subject there's a quiz.

I want for each button to go disable in the end of the quiz of that subject and also that learners will follow an order from first to last.

Another thing is that after each quiz of each subject (6) I want, in the home menu, for a Badge that is there in one state to automatically change to another state...

So, after quizz, button goes to visited state and disable and badge lights Up as a way to show the progress.

Well I'm guessing this is all with variables just want to confirm that it's all with variables and there's no simpler way to do it.

I don't know if any one understood what I said (not English native so many doubts) but if anyone can help it would appreciated.



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Jose -- Thanks for reaching out and while I will defer to your fellow community members to offer more specific ideas for what you have in mind, I wanted to share this article on How to Restrict or Lock Navigation Throughout a Course so that learners must advance in the order determined, and also this discussion on How to indicate to learner a section within a module is completed (not just visited) on the main menu

Hope that helps, and you may also want to share your file so that others can take a look and offer suggestions! :)

Jose Antonio Gomes

I agree Cary... and I considering let them surf because even though it would be better to follow an order they can visit the topics randomly... I think freedom of surfing is important and in this case it is possible to let them try... 

The subject is "what is e-learning and the topics are:

-what is e-learning (a defenition);

- Pros and cons of e-learning

-equipment required

-Support and feed back

-Platform (LMS)


-How to enroll

So I think it's not a big problem if they try a random topic to start...

What do you think?

Thank you for your comment... and if you have any suggestions, because here in Portugal its still in the beginning of e-learning world as am I... :)


Cary Glenn

In a course like this I think it would be fine to have them surf. If you put the buttons in order most people will click them in order but it allows a more open navigation for those that want to learn in a different order. Some topics work better with a linear design, some work better with an branched design, others can have a blended approach. You might want to start off with an introduction to eLearning and then let them explore the subject.

Jose Antonio Gomes

Agree... I will learn how to do it any way but it will be free surfing... thanks it was very helpful.
There's a huge universe of Portuguese speaking people that are only now getting in touch with elearning and I still learning as well... if you ever have any thing that you need translating for Portuguese let me know and I'll help gladly help you...


Walt Hamilton

In a real-world application of this knowledge, there are some of these topics that must come before others, but as to the sequence of learning, not one of them depends on already knowing any of the others. I absolutely agree that allowing the user freedom of sequence can only improve your course, and their learning.

Something else to think about. If a user wants to come back to your course to review something, it makes a lot of sense for them to be able to jump to that section, without having to go through the whole course.

Christie Pollick