Get Final Assessment to score both result slides and questions

Sep 13, 2023


I use Storyline 360. I am creating a Final Assessment that uses a variety of question types, including 2 simulations with their respective results slide, and a combination of multiple choice, and drag and drop in the remaining 8 questions. 

I have set each question as 100pts and each simulation slide individually so that each simulation totals 100pts, for a grand total of 1000pts. 

I can only select EITHER Questions OR Results Slides from the Quiz settings window. (See my screen capture.)

How can I get the Final Assessment results to include both.

Thank you for your help!

Avionté Training Team

2 Replies
Training Team

Continued my research and I found this post from Joe and Maria. After re-taking the assessment a dozen or so times (LOL), I have concluded the assessment is calculating correctly according to the Storyline rules. Need to use Questions from the Quiz Settings drop down and select ALL slides of the simulations as well as the individual question slides.
Also found that Reset to Initial State should not be used on Final Assessment slides if you want to have accurate results in Review Answers.