Getting a layer to stay turned "on" after being clicked once.

Currently I have a slide layer in the Master, which shows a "written transcript" of the slide narration, which appears when a user clicks on an image. This layer is also on each individual slide so that the text can match each slide's narration. Currently it is functioning well. However, when the user clicks the "Next" button, the transcript layer disappears and they are forced to re-select the image it is attached to, on every slide.

Is it possible to have this layer stay "turned on". For example, if a user clicks an image on slide 1 and the layer appears, then they click the "next button", can that layer stay visible? Instead of the user having to click the image again?

I couldn't find a trigger to reflect this. I can post my story file if necessary. Thank you!

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Steve VE

This is possible with a true/false variable. You can do it this way:

  1. Create a true/false variable. Maybe name it "transcript". Set the value to False.
  2. When the user clicks the image, use a trigger to set the "transcript" value to True.
  3. On every slide, add a slide trigger that checks if the "transcript" variable is true. If it's true, show the layer.

You probably want the user to be able to turn off the transcript. To do this:

  1. On the layer that shows the transcript, create a button.
  2. When the user clicks the button, use a trigger to set the "transcript" variable value to False and hide the transcript layer.

Hope that helps.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Nicole -- It appears to me that Steve's suggestion would do the trick for you, but if you had something else in mind, it might be helpful if you could share your file and we can see what other alternatives could work. Please use the ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box and we'll check it out! :)

Nicole Wachnin

Thanks Christie,

I double checked to make sure I was following Steve's advice. It appears I have everything set up as advised, but for some reason the transcript layer still disappears when advancing to the next slide.

Originally my trigger was set as "Show Layer Transcript when Transcript changes, if transcript is equal to True." I thought maybe changing it to "Show Layer Transcript when timeline starts, if transcript is true." would do the trick, but actually that caused the transcript layer to not show at all, on those slides. So I've set it back to "Show Layer Transcript when Transcript changes, if transcript is equal to True."

I've uploaded my story file. Thanks so much!

Walt Hamilton

I think Steve's idea will work, but there is a trigger on the master that sets the transcript to false when the timeline starts, so every new slide will set it to false.

I didn't look closely, but I didn't see the action that allows the user to set it to true. Take out the trigger on the master, and give the user something to click on so they can choose to see the transcript.

I would put both of the triggers on the Picture:

Saves you a little time, and I think it is more reliable that way, too.



Set transcript = to true when user clicks


show layer transcript when user clicks (Show transcript object)



Nicole Wachnin


Thanks for taking a look. The transcript layer on the Master has a trigger "Set Transcript to True when user clicks" the image they are clicking, is a button located on the menu, which can be seen on the strip, menu, and resources layer.

Then each slide has "show transcript layer when it changes to true."

Walt Hamilton

All the difference in the world.

Actually, since you created the variable with an initial setting of false, you don't need to set it to false. When the user clicks on it, it become true and will show, and if I understand correctly, you want it to show until the user turns it off (which is why turning it off on each slide via the master trigger isn't working).

Nice menu, by the way.

Nicole Wachnin

I must still be doing something wrong. I took the "Set Transcript to False when timeline starts" trigger off of the master and put it on just the first slide. Then each slide has the same "show transcript layer when variable changes, if variable is true." Variable changing to true should be happening when they click on the menu. Is my thought process correct? The behavior is still the same with these changes.

Should I be placing it on a specific layer on the first slide? I currently have it on both the slide and transcript layers.

Walt Hamilton

Sorry, I missed that.The trigger on each slide should set the layer to visible when the timeline starts if the variable is true. "When the variable changes" is a trigger that is only noticed on the slide where the trigger changes, so it will only change when they click on the menu, and only be read by that specific slide. Once they set it to true, you want it to show the layer when the timeline of each slide starts. Sorry if that was confusing, I just spaced it off.

Steve VE

Sorry I can't check your .story file. My main machine is currently out for repairs. But I'll take a stab here:

As Walt mentioned, set the variable to false when you create it for the first time. You don't have to set it to false on the timeline. It will be false and just sit there waiting for further instructions from the button. You will never set the variable to true or false on the timeline, just with the buttons. The three triggers and their locations:

  • On the timeline of every slide: Check if the transcript variable is true or false. If true, show the transcript layer. If false, hide the transcript layer.
  • On the "show transcript button" on the main timeline of every slide: If the user clicks me, set the transcript variable to true (show transcript) and show the transcript layer.
  • On the "hide transcript button" on the transcript layer of every slide: If the user clicks me, set the transcript variable to false (hide transcript) and hide the transcript layer.

That's the basic set up. Once the variable is set by the buttons the timeline trigger will do what it's told.

Hope that helps.

Nicole Wachnin

Walt: When I use the trigger "Show Transcript layer when time line starts if transcript is true." No transcript shows at all when I click the button.


Steve: Currently I have the following triggers:

On every slide:

Base Layer: Show Layer Transcript when Transcript Changes if Transcript is equal to True.

Transcript Layer: Hide layer This Layer when Transcript Changes if Transcript is equal to false.

The Master: (The menu layer which has the transcript button is only in the master so on this layer I have...)

 Layer with transcript button: Set Transcript equal to True when user clicks (transcript button).

Actual transcript layer: Show Layer Transcript when variable changes if transcript is equal to true.

Am I missing something? Could this be a problem with my version of storyline? This is the second issue I've had where everything seems to be correct, yet the feature will not work. Thanks for all your help.


Walt Hamilton

I downloaded the file you posted 19 hours ago. There are twoobjectives: How to make the transcript layer appear when user clicks on the menu item, and how to keep the transcript layer visible when advancing to another slide.

The file you uploaded makes the layer visible.

To keep it visible, requires two steps:

1. go to master slide and delete this trigger:

2. On each slide add this trigger:

After I did that, everything seems to work as it should.

Nicole Wachnin

Hm. This is why I think there may be an issue with my version of Storyline. Especially if it is working for Walt on his computer.  It still does not work on mine. Is that even possible? I checked for updates, but there are none.

After removing the "set as false" trigger, when I add the "Show layer Transcript when Timeline Starts" command in addition to the "when transcript changes" command that I already have, the layer still does not stay open. When I delete the "when transcript changes" trigger, per steve's suggestion - the layer does not show at all.

Actually, now all of a sudden the transcript layer will not show even with the trigger still set as "when transcript changes". It shows on the first slide and none of the other ones, even though the triggers are exactly the same?

Steve VE

Your version of Storyline should not matter for these triggers.

Some questions:

  • Are all the triggers on every slide? If no, the layer will return to the hidden state on every slide.
  • In preview, have you clicked the transcript button to show the transcript and set the variable to true? By default, the transcript will not show until you do this.

Sorry I can't be of more use. My hands are bit tied without my computer.

Nicole Wachnin

The file you uploaded for me does work!!! I compared my old file with your new file and the only difference is that in your working file: In the Master, the trigger "Set Transcript Layer to False when Timeline Starts" is on every layer (resources, menu, transcript) but is Not on the Base layer where you removed it from.

On my old file, I removed it from all the layers. That was the only difference I found, but I was able to replicate it. Thank you so much for all of your help!