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Oct 04, 2016


I have several problems that I'm hoping someone can help me with.

I have volunteered to build a course for a local Primary school that will gauge the knowledge of the pupils in Online Safety.

They don't have an LMS. But I want to capture the information from a quiz.

I had initially thought that the course would be hosted on their website and the results sent via email to a single address.

The information that I wanted to capture was First and Last name, Class, a list of the questions and what they got right or wrong.

So my questions are;

  1. Is this even possible?
  2. I have a bank of questions that I only draw 10 from, how can the result that is emailed  determine what questions have been asked?

If the course can't be achieved this way has anyone got any clever ideas that would help me please?

Thanks for your help


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Paul Gillary
Phil Whitehead

Hi Matthew

I had a look at both of the tutorials that you listed thanks they were really helpful, the JavaScript one in particular was excellent.

I decided to try to use the Google Drive approach but I don't think I really understood what would happen when I used it.

I don't know if you can help clear it up for me or work out a solution?

So I finished the course and set up Google Drive as outlined in the tutorial, I then published the course for the Web and hosted it on Tempserve so I could check that everything worked correctly. When I get to the end of the course I trigger the opening of Google Drive (and this is where I didn't really know what would happen) this then requires whoever has finished the course to log in to a Google account.

This isn't really what I was aiming for, the course is aimed at children in a school and they don't have email accounts or logins to Google.

What I was trying to achieve was that the course would sit on the school website where the children could access it from home or school and the results were sent to 'somewhere' where I could review to see what the children actually knew.

So my question did I do something wrong in setting up the Google Drive bit or is there something else I need to consider?

Any help would be much appreciated, (I'm starting to wish I hadn't volunteered to do this)



Phil Whitehead

Thanks Matthew

I've managed to get it to work how I expected now, the spreadsheet didn't have the correct permissions set.

You said in your original post that there was a way of using JavaScript to export details of the questions that had been asked. I'm assuming that the questions somehow get grouped in a variable which is then sent out of S/L can this be done whilst rotating questions out of a bank?

Hope I'm not hounding you too much about this.

Thanks for your help


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