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Nov 25, 2015

Hi Everyone,


New to eLearning and design and I am considering purchasing storyline to do more interactive videos for our software clients.  Currently we use Camtasia to do screen recordings, PowerPoint for visual slides and post everything into Brainshark. Videos are not interactive and this is why I am interested in Storyline. I watched getting started videos but is there one for "dummies" that shows how to prepare your course content on paper first, how to think things through before you can even attempt to build the course. I've never done Storyboarding so I think if things that would be visually appealing and allow the viewer to interact with the video more.

I'd like to be more familiar with the available templates to even know what the capabilities are of Storyline. There seem to be so many layers. I'm a bit confused  - any other resources available out there that I should check out?

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Veronica Budnikas

Hi Cassandra, welcome to Heroes! You are absolutely in the right place!

If you are a beginner, I think the best place to start is the free e-books offered on this very site:  

Try: 'E-learning for beginners'; 'Getting started with Articulate Storyline'; 'The Insider’s Guide to Becoming a Rapid E-Learning Pro'; and since you are using video, try 'The Secret to Create Great E-Learning Videos' That said, I would read all of them: they are super informative and engaging to read (I've read them all).

That should give you a great start. 

And, here is a fantastic article on using videos interactively: 

Good luck! Learning

Hi Casandra, welcome to the forum! This community is definitely the place to be to learn about Articulate. If you are looking for more of an end to end course, try, they have some courses there on the tool. It is not free but I do believe that they have a free trial that you could use. Enjoy!

Tim Slade

Welcome to the community! I would agree with the comments above. The free eBooks are a great resource. Also, David Anderson has some great content regarding interactive video here:

Also, if you know how to use Camtasia, you should have no issues with Storyline. It allows you to do more with interactivity...but there's plenty of tutorials here.

Guido Roessling

Hi and welcome, Casandra!

I think that you will find that Storyline 2 will meet (and exceed) your expectations. In addition to the above links, I would like to point you to the Storyline 2 User Guide and especially the tutorials for adding and editing screen recordings found at (tutorial sections 84-88). This also explains how to split your video over multiple slides - and you can see how easy this is to do!

Also, while having a storyboard is certainly a good idea, please do not get the impression that "without a storyboard, you cannot start working". That is certainly not the case - you can start creating a course right away, although you will probably have to rework it if you do not have a clear concept (aka "master plan", aka "storyboard") in mind when you start :-).

I recommend installing the 30 day trial and running through some examples of what you plan to do and see if you can achieve this using Storyline (my 99% guess is "yes, you can"). And if there are any open questions, simply post to the community - we are here to help each other!

Brooke Schepker

Hi, Cassandra and welcome to the best community ever! :)

One of my favorite places for all things storyboarding is The Storyboard Depot by Connie Malamud here:  She has amassed a huge collection of storyboards, some specific to Articulate.

Thanks and hope this helps!


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