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Hi everyone,

I am trying to generate a PDF with Storyline via pdfmake using this tutorial by Ryan L. I am using the story file from this example as a base, but I am having a hard time understanding how it all works because there is no description of how to make it. For some reason, even if I delete the javascript and HTML files, the certificate seems to generate, which doesn't make sense. I am trying to design the PDF, but it seems as though I can only do this in the HTML coding for "certificate.html", but when I update the HTML it isn't reflected in the certificate. Can anyone help me?

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Darren Heath

I had a solution that worked using a dynamic PDF but found that it would only work in Internet Explorer. 

I havent tried this yet, but should work in principle, as I have been the procedure for something else:

Send the variables to a Google Sheet and hold them there. There is an add on for the google suite called Document Studio, there is a free working version available but the full version isnt too expensive. Using this add on you can create a template certificate in the Google Slides app that will process each entry from the sheet into an individual user certificate which can be stored as a PDF on Google Drive, or emailed directly to the user.

Darren Heath

There is a very crude demo here using Google sheets. Enter your name and email address and after submitting your details to the google sheet a certificate is generated and emailed.

This is a useful guide on sending variables to Google for the first part, and I'll dig out the tutorial video for creating a Google slide template to create certificate from the add on developer. 

Ive added the .story file with the JS trigger, following the instructions from the link above replace your URL where prompted in the JS.