GIF Files Cause Aticulate Storyline Error Report Box when Previewing


I am using a number of GIF files in my current course and everytime I try to preview a screen I get the Articulate Storyline Error Report. I also get this if I try to preview a scene (with a GIF in it) and a course. In attempting to publish the course to Review I also get the same error. Essentially it means that my course is broken unless I remove the GIFs. 

Can you explain? 

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, William. Thank you for that recording!

It's helpful to see, and I'm so sorry that's happening. A few quick questions to help us unlock this behavior:

Looking forward to digging deeper!

Ren Gomez

Hi Andrew,

Can you try updating to the latest version and see if you still run into the same issue? I just inserted a gif into my course and had no issues in Preview mode, nor when I published to Review 360.

If you're still getting this error after updating, feel free to connect with our support team to take a closer look at your file!

David Parillo

Hi all, I'm experiencing this same issue when authoring a new course- as soon as I insert a GIF, the course fails to preview and freezes. I'm running 3.42.22792.0. As a test, I created a blank project with two slides, one with a simple png, and the second slide for a GIF. Previewing with just the PNG on slide 1 with nothing on slide 2 works fine. As soon as the GIF is on slide 2, the preview hangs and the program must be quit via task manager. Any advice?

Katie Riggio

Hi David!

Thanks for bringing this back up! I used Storyline 360 Update 3.42.22792.0, where I'm having trouble recreating any issues on slides that have a GIF.

If you haven't already, let's try a simple repair of Storyline since the issue is happening in any project file:

Let me know if the hang remains after those steps. We'll get to the bottom of this!