Gifs on screen disappear

May 15, 2015

So im having an issue with some gifs. when I preview my course they work just fine, but when I publish my course it acts as though it cant find the image? Here is a screenshot of what the gif shows up as:

Ive attached the story file as well.

Any help on how I can fix this is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jackson,

Thanks for sharing the published output and the link to the file. I viewed it in preview and the published version - and saw the same thing each time - which was three separate mouse cursors coming into a black screen and "clicking". I didn't see the [X] box as you showed in that image. What browser are you viewing the course within? You'll want to confirm it's one of the supported browsers here. 

Jackson Hamner

Do you see the little blinking cursor? The little white "_" blinking when the mouse clicks? There should be some gifs of the blinking cursor appearing as each mouse clicks on the screen.

The slide having this problem in my course is also having an issue where the timeline gets frozen at around 2 seconds, a little after the second gif changes state to normal. So now the learner cant move forward through the course at all when they reach this screen...

It could be my browsers though, so that could explain why i'm seeing something odd. I'll get the latest flash installed but I might have to reinstall storyline if that doesnt work. :(

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