Giving a webobject a transparent background

Aug 15, 2017

I would like to add transparency to my webobjects background. I need to do this to get the items in the webobjects to animate via their JavaScript ontop of my Articulate stage. I have tried every way possible - adding JavaScript to the index.html for the webobject, adding CSS to the script, changing the stage to have transparency. Nothing works!. Somebody must have been able to achieve this somewhere. I see a lot of potential for webobjects but not if the background stays white.

Can you help me.



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Luke, thanks for your post!

What version of Storyline are you using? We've seen some issues with web object transparency in Storyline 360 HTML5 recently, so I'm wondering if you're seeing the same thing. 

If you are using Storyline 360, try publishing your file with Flash only to Articulate 360, and view it in a Flash-enabled browser. Do you see transparency there? 

Ray Boehmer

We can't count on any users to have flash plug-in installed any more so we have to have the HTML5 version as the default user experience.

To me, since its a functionality that previously existed it should be easy to figure out what has changed. Since BG transparency in HTML5 is a simple tag, there must be some error in how SL is importing and parsing the HTML5 output in the webobject.

Thanks for keeping this issue as top-of-mind; it really is a significant amount robust animiation capability that is being lost to your customers - even if they stay within your ecosystem and aren't aware of it for their needs.

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