Global properties in quiz banks

Aug 08, 2013

I'm trying to find a way to select all of the slides in a quiz bank and change properties by removing player defined dtabs, menus, glossaries, etc. I've tried selecting slides in a group, clicking the gear, and changing the 'player default' to 'custom for the selected slides', but the change only affects the first slide- not the others. I've needed to modify each quiz slide separately and it's costing a ton of time. Have I overlooked something?

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Jeff Nauman

Hi Justin..

I can normally see those types of changes in a preview and I'm quite sure that my issue seems to be only with quiz banks and draws. My program has player properties that include narration (notes), glossary, menu, resources, and a custom tab, 'Program Sources'. I want these to be available globally for the program, but not for the quiz slides. I open the quiz banks and get to slide views, then select all of the slides, then click on the gear and attempt to change from 'player defaults' to 'custom for the selected slides'. I can uncheck all of the features. Then when I check each slide for appication, only one of the selected slides shows the change. The rest of the selected slides do not register the change. I'm pretty sure I'm missing something simple, but I guess there's lots of trees in this forest.

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