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Simon Perkins

I can't remember if you can embed published Engage output in SL.  Will it work off a single SWF?  If so, you could create an Engage glossary > publish > insert as a layer > make it available from whatever slides you need.

For some reason I recall Engage can't be dragged in though - can't remember why.

Gerry Wasiluk

Engage output should work in Engage.  Just did a quick test and it seems to be okay.

I made it a lightbox slide in the player (the X to close the lightbox slide was a bit obscured by the Engage) so a link to it would appear on the top menu.

Another thing to consider is to use in-content definitions.  In the example below, the unfamiliar term ("Compa Ratio") looks like a hyperlink.

When you mouseover the hyperlink, the definition then appears:

The definition is just another layer on the slide that appears via a trigger when the term is moused over.  The layer doesn't hide the base layer nor does it prevent clicking on the base layer.

Jill McNair

Another idea would be to create your own Glossary to mimic the look and feel of the Engage interaction.  You could put the Glossary in it's own Scene, make a master slide with the A-Z links at the top, then add glossary pages to your scene for each letter/group of letters.  .  Then you could put a link on every page to load the Glossary in a lightbox slide.

Here a thread where someone did this.  Check out their prototype.

Hope this helps!