Glossary in storyline

Oct 06, 2013


The glossary in articulate engage used to be more impressive, animated and with an option to add pictures/video

Is there any option to add Storyline glossary with pictures /video ?

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Remi Bath

Hi Keren,

I started out with just Articulate Engage a few years back and got quite frustrate not being able to use Engage Interactions in standalone presentations. I understand why the frustration is still there with Storyline. Originally, Engage output to flash only and used several flash files and javascript bridges which were never made explicit so you couldn't use Engage output as a single swf input into other software. 

So I guess the obvious question is whether you will have access to Articulate Studo 13'. I don't, but since it outputs to HTML5, you should find it a lot easier to use Engage glossaries inside Storyline.

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