Glossary terms linked to word used within content-possible?

Aug 29, 2012

I'd like to be able to link new words as they appear in the content directly to a display of that word contained in the glossary tab. Is there a way to do this? I am working on a rather difficult law curriculum that introduces many many new words and I think it would be great to wikify the new words. Am I missing something? Is this possible and I am oblivious?

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Bruce Graham

Hi Matthew.

Do not think this is currently possible.

In this circumstance I would create a link on the word to a Lightbox slide, and use each of these as explanation areas.

Granted, it is not as consolidated as the Glossary, however, the Glossary has some of it's own limitations in terms of text size etc.

Hope this helps.


Learning Technology

Hi Matthew,

I've also been looking at this and have come up with an option using a variable - original question was a while ago but hopefully helps someone out there!

Take a look at (v basic!) demo here.

The source file's attached if you want to take a look - should be a fairly easy process to add new items to the glossary, and add links within content pages.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kathie,

How are you viewing the updated version? If you're viewing it from a web server or LMS, try clearing your browser cache. Also, make sure you're not viewing the published course locally. If you view published Storyline content on your local hard drive or send it to someone else to view on their local hard drive, you'll encounter security restrictions from the computer, web browser, Flash Player, and network that'll cause various features of your content to fail.

To properly test your published content and share it with others, upload it to the environment for which it was published. Please review the following article for details:

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