Google Chrome

Oct 06, 2021

We are having issues with a course that is loaded to our LMS, in AICC format. Our users are viewing in Google Chrome.  Do you know if there is an issue with this? I suppose I should explain more. The course is not loading properly, I would get an error and have to back out and reload. Then in the course it would stall. I would go to the menu and advance to the next slide, hit preview, review the stalled slide a second time and then it would advance fine. The last issue was it took several minutes for the test results to show.  This is not usual. 

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Lauren Connelly
Hi Lynda!
I'm happy to help determine why your course is not loading correctly in your LMS when using Chrome. Are you finding this only happens when the course is uploaded to your LMS? Have you tried publishing the course for the web instead to see if the course still does not load properly?
What you are noticing is not expected, so we'll want to look at your project if you are comfortable sharing the .story file. You can share your course with us in this public discussion or upload it privately in a support case.