Google Drive can no longer be used to share SL2 projects in the near future

Over the holidays, I read that Google Drive can no longer be used to upload our SL2 projects to our websites (which is what I have been doing).

Does anyone know where this information can be found.  There were alternatives.  I think it was an email I received from one of the e-learning subscriptions.


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Alexandros Anoyatis

So far, the only alternative that I have found to be really working is if you have a Dropbox account created before July 31, 2012.

If so, you can still create and share links inside those Public folders.

Of course, simply publishing a share directly off your own webserver (local or remote), is still an option as well.

I'm sure there must be other alternatives out there, but I have yet to look it up as at least one of the afore-mentioned methods still work well for me and my clients.

Hope this helps,