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Walt Hamilton

Google Drive no longer allows the sort of activity necessary to hosting published content, and DropBox allow it only for Pro accounts.

Many people are using free accounts on Amazon S3. Here's a post that may help you get started: http://blogs.articulate.com/word-of-mouth/how-to-use-amazon-s3-to-host-presenter-courses/   Remember that when they mention Cloudberry, it is a different program that they are using to load files to S3. If you have another favorite ftp program (I use Filezilla), you can use that.

Jacqueline Coleman

Thank you Walt.  I had already stared to look into Amazon S3 because I was told that it is something I will need to use.  The article was helpful but unfortunately I am now scouring Youtube and Google looking for the videos because the embedded links in the article no longer work.