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Jan 20, 2015

Can anyone tell me what format I need to publish my Storyline project as in order to upload this to Google Drive. I've tried AICC and SCORM and Google drive doesn't upload the folders when I drag and drop????? Please help

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Bruce Holliday

Hello Wendy,

I had a need to use Google Drive to host a website just the other day and discovered to my disappointment that since their change recently the method provided to you may not work. Didi not work for me, just displayed the index page as garbage. 

Here is the solution if you do hit this problem.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

I was discussing this with a few other members of our support team - as I'd read in other threads it was specific to an issue with new Drive accounts - so we tested that out and we were still able to upload and host there. 

I think one point where we've seen users confused is on "STEP 2: How to find the link for sharing:".  If you upload your published folder inside another folder in Google drive for example, you might copy everything after "" but this would be incorrect.  You need to copy only the characters after the rightmost "/" in the address bar. You also need to make sure your .html files aren't converted to Google Docs. 

The majority of these tips are in that article from Mike Taylor as comments - so if you run into an issue, you may want to reach out there as well to get feedback from other users who use Google drive. 

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