Graded question hotspot - Trigger not working correctly: Submit Interaction

Aug 09, 2022

Hi All,

I've created a graded question hotspot. 

I do not intend to use the player as the storyline component will be a RISE block. So I went a made a submit button. I followed directions from the below post from several years ago:

A couple things are surprising me.

1) When I put the button on a separate layer and uncheck the box "Hide other slide layers", I don't see the button while in preview.

        I was able to make a trigger to Show layer when the timeline starts. However, the button does not re-appear if the worng hotspot is chossen allowing the person to try again (the question is set to allow 2 tries).

If I put the button on the base layer, the button is not reconized. I know I have the option to submit the answer by a click, but that is not the route I'm taking at this time.

2) How does the "Hide other slide layers" work under slide layer properties? Still with the graded question, there is a "Try again". The properties has the check box checked for Hide other slide layers. However, when I trial the question with a wrong response, I could still see the base layer faded in the background.

Thank you all for your time with these questions.



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Erik M

Thanks Michael,

I think I'll need to contact my IT department. SL isn't behaving kindly. I originally found it curious that there were no triggers for the Correct/Incorrect/Try again layers. Now they appear. There has also been a lot of lag when working with SL.

Anyway, This solution makes complete sense. Thank you for the reply.