Graded quiz in video will not resume saved state. Why?

Hey guys, I am trying to get this quiz to appear at the queue point and then return back to the video and resume play again. It would be possible as layers but unfortunately, this will not be suitable as the requirement from the SME is for it to be a graded question. As you can see from the file the video will not play again. At first, I tried 'resume saved state' but this did not work then I tried adding a trigger to make it jump to the correct point after the video depending on if the variable had changed. This is not working either. If anyone can figure out a way to get it to work please let me know. Breaking the video up into little chunks is the only workaround I have at the moment and I would like to know why this is not possible in its current format. Thanks

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Joshua Bruck

There are a few issues you need  to resolve. First, the timeline of the slide and the timeline of the media/video are not correlated. You will need to pause the media before going anywhere. Then you would have to trigger it to play when returning from there. You could set it up to lighbox the question. I have attached an adjusted version of your example. I added a variable as a switch. This variable is a true false trigger, but you could probably make it numbers that would trigger additional lightbox questions and then return to play the video.