Grading a survey?

Sep 19, 2013

I need some help!

I want to add a survey to my course that has the ability to track the participants answers and provide them with a score. For example, using a 5 point likert scale students will select the choice that most applies to them (strongly agree to strongly disagree). Then based on the responses the student selected, a score will be assigned. "You scored a 45! That means you are ..." And each score will tell the participant how well they currently know or understand a topic.

Basically,  I want to be able to create something similar to this survey.

Any suggestions or ideas?

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sandie coco

Hi Kaitlin -

I would use variables for this one. Create a variable called Score and then I'd change that variable to add based on each radio button selected. Lots of programming to get it done but doesn't seem too complex. For each question, you'd need to know how many points you would award for each answer. Then as the learner answers the questions, it would keep changing the Score variable. You could then display the Score variable on the slide using %variableName%, or if the variable was labeled Score, it would be %Score%.

Hope that helps.

Sangeetha Jayaraman

I created a graded survey with 15 questions split into 2 slides. The third slide should display the total score. I created 2 variables, variable1 for slide1 and variable2 for slide2. The result slide dispalys the score as 0 in ipad but then it works fine in desktop. Any solutions would be helpful

Tara Hammons

I created a 96 question assessment in Storyline 360 that will be deployed through HealthStream. I tested this, and when I completed all the questions I couldn't get the assessment to show as completed so a grade could be computed.

Could you guide me on how to fix this.  Every employee taking this assessment will need some type of computed grade.

Tara Hammons

Thank you for responding.
I believe I figured out the resolution to most of my issues. Could you help me with one other item? How do you look in articulate for grades of an assessment test? I need to capture data from this. Could you help explain to me how to do so in Articulate?

Thank you,

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Tara,

Glad you are finding out the answers you need. I appreciate you popping back in with an update.

The grades of your assessment would be reported on via your Learning Management Sytstem (LMS). This article describes the quiz data that Articulate Storyline communicates to LMSs for SCORM and AICC content.

It looks like you mentioned HealthStream previously. Is this the LMS that your organization is using?

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