Multiple result slides in the same course

Jun 03, 2013


Text from link: Storyline also allows you to use multiple result slides in the same course (although only one result slide can be tracked in Articulate Online or another LMS).  You can even combine scores from multiple result slides to create a final result slide with a consolidated score.

Can someone explain me how to create this fine result slide with a consolidated score and pass the score to LMS?

Thank you.


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Saike K

I suppose you mean ? Do you have an example I can open in Storyline?

The variable i want is numeric and when i create a trigger in the survey i cannot select a numeric variable. I have read a lot of posts, is there an easy way to read a numeric variable? Sounds impossible?

Thank you.

LRMG Digital

Hi. I would like to know if anyone has any issues with results slides getting confused? I did a set as per this tutorial: But I needed there to be three questions and thus, three results slide. The problem I'm having is that only the last question appears to be giving the correct results. I think it might have something to do with the Score.points variable that is used, but I cannot figure out a way around it. Any suggestions?

KC Chou

Hi LRMG and Leslie,

I have a similar problem.  I made all my quizzes "Knowledge Check".  If a user successfully pass each quiz in the first attempt, every result slides appeared properly, all the way to the end except a result slide combining them using Result Slides instead of Question as Phil suggested.  I by-pass that system.  Now if I failed the very last quiz, while the rest were successful in the FIRST attempt, then the Failure layer slide appears as intended.

Here is the kicker:  when my first attempt of any quiz prior to the very last one failed, the Failure layer slide of the VERY LAST quiz popped up.  I tried two and three quizzes in the course.  The response is still the same.  But if the user passes every quiz in the first attempt, there is no issue.

KC Chou

Hi Sharrilyn,

How Storyline keep track of those results variable is a mystery.  They even changed the variable when I expanded my file with an additional quiz.  It would be nice if Storyline changes my existing results variable's appended number.  However, I had no clue they did that.  The way I found out is when my file failed to work which was working before (at least at that portion)....BIG SURPRISE, not pleasant.

Did you import your question from a Quizmaker file?  If you did, do not use the merge option which is the default option (NOT A GOOD IDEA).  That merge option would replace the existing Results variable with the one you just imported if they are the same name.

Another unfortunate and very annoying feature is the Results#.  The # part of the variable does not match with the Question Bank # so you would have no idea which Result variable matches with which Quiz.  Storyline should give us an option to name our Results variable, at least everything before .ScorePoints and similar.

Best of luck in keeping track of  your Results variable.  One way that may help is insert User Score or Passing Score in your Result Side.  The Result variable corresponding to that Result slide would be correct until you import another file from Quizmaker. :-)


KC Chou

Please ignore the issue I posted 4 hours ago.  I either figured out or found a way to circumvent my multi-result slide issue.  Here is what I did:  on the Incorrect layer of EACH question slide, I deleted or click the bolt with a line across for the "Continue" button trigger - "Finish quiz when user clicks Continue".  Add a trigger "Jump to slide[the result slide you want] when user clicks Continue".  Simply use "Jump to slide Next slide when user clicks Continue" would not do the trick.  For some reason, that Next Slide trigger works for the Correct layer but not the Incorrect layer.

I also chose either "Combine" or "Knowledge Check" for each quiz's tracking type.  Cannot tell if it matters if I chose the above tracking type or Final Assessment.  It is not clear to me from some of the posts in this Community is I should use Final Assessment or not.

I don't know if all my Result Slide and LMS tracking issues are resolved.  I will know when I publish my test file and upload it to our LMS platform.