Gradual slow-down for users

I have been experiencing (and getting reports of) sluggish performance with my Storyline modules.

These days I publish exclusively in HTML5 but I had the same problem being reported when we used to use Flash. I see the same problem out of Storyline 2 and now out of Storyline 360. I also have had the same problem on two totally different LMS platforms.

It is particularly noticeable when typing into text boxes - words come out v.e.r.y s . l . o . w . l . y - one character at a time.

Perhaps of note: The slow-down seems to come on gradually and is alleviated by leaving the module and returning, or by refreshing the page.


Does anyone have any tips for speeding things up?
Thanks in advance.

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Simon Marek

It's also worth noting that the slow-down seems to be affected by time, rather than progression through the module. eg, if I open the module and then walk away and make a coffee, by the time I get back the module will be very sluggish to respond. On the other hand, if I quickly whizz through the slides I can get through the module without it slowing down as much.