Graphics display incorrectly and font size changes in windows 10

Sep 02, 2016


We have a SL2 file and when I open it I see all the graphics in place, but my colleague sees a different font size almost all graphics seem cut. When previewing all seems fine. We already tried to change resolution and it is at 100%. Where could be the problem?

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Daniela  Figueiredo


We followed the instructions:

Windows 10
Right-click your desktop and select Display settings.
Click the Display tab in the upper left corner of the window that appears.
Drag the text size slider all the way to the left—i.e., 100%.
Click Apply.
You may be prompted to restart your computer for the change to take effect.

Since the slider was already at 100%, no changes were made.

Problem is still happening in multiple SL2 files. Can you help, please?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Daniela!

You colleague is at the same resolution as well?

The issue is with the project file and not post-publish? Are you utilizing a custom font that they perhaps don't have installed?

If the same colleague is running at 96 DPI and having issue across files, I would advise to be sure that they are on the latest update to Storyline 2, which is update 10, and if they are to repair the software as explained here.

Daniela  Figueiredo

Dear Ali,

We are accessing the story file via Network, since multiple people need to access several files. When removing the file to a local drive, the story files looses connection with external files like PDF's... that is why we prefer to use a network (we needed to re-link all external files several times and learned the lesson NEVER to move a story file.

Also, other members of our team have no trouble viewing, previewing or publishing the files on the network drive. So, I don´t believe that might be the problem.

Dear Leslie,

We are using true Fonts: Verdana. Storyline is up-to-date. The issue starts when viewing the graphics (simple shapes) in storyline2, when previewing slides, graphics seem fine but font size changes and some (not all, which is a mistery to me) the text boxes get out of place.

I think there are issues with windows preferences and storyline.  Because we could minimize some of the issues by changing some settings in windows (view attachment). Since it is difficult to detect these display issues and are only able to confirm if this has fixed this issue by opening some files, this is very time-consuming and very disappointing.

Ali Goulet

Hi Daniela,

Thanks so much for this further information. If your colleague is the only one seeing this issue and he's seeing it on multiple files, I'de also recommend Leslie's suggestion to run a repair on his software. Let us know how that goes!

I wanted to mention, also, that while working on an Articulate Storyline project in a collaborative environment with other developers, we do recommend using this workflow to avoid loss of resources, file corruption, and other erratic behavior. If loss of resources specifically has been a concern in the past, an added safety would be to zip the files before moving them to your Network to store them and only unzipping once moved back to your local drive to make edits. Working from a network drive isn't something we can support, as it can cause a lot of strange behavior.

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