Gray Box takes up most of the screen in Cornerstone

Feb 14, 2017

Hello! I've recently built a module in Storyline 360 (I'm on a Windows 7 machine, aero theme, using IE), published in SCORM 2004, 3rd Edition. My client uses Cornerstone. When I tested the module in SCORM Cloud, everything worked perfectly and there were no issues in how the window displayed. However, when we loaded the module to test in Cornerstone, most of the bottom portion of the screen in the window is taken up by a gray box. There is a scroll bar to the side, so you can only see the rest of the content by scrolling up and down. I clicked through the module, and everything works; the videos play, the quizzes work fine, the links open without a problem, the graphics show perfectly, and the completion records without an issue. There's just that gray box.

I don't think it's the module or the browser, since this issue didn't come up with SCORM Cloud.  Previous versions of the module that I published using Studio '13 did not have this issue, either, when we tested them in Cornerstone.

Has anybody else run into this issue? I've read articles saying that a gray box will appear to the side, but I haven't seen anything about it taking up most of the screen. Thanks!

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Anna Groebe

Hi Leslie, apologies for the delay in getting an update here! I spoke with the person at our client responsible for managing Cornerstone, and it seems to just be an issue with Internet Explorer on my laptop. Nobody at the client so far has had the gray box come up, and I can do testing on Chrome without a problem.

I didn't see this for Studio, so I'm not sure what setting in IE on my laptop might be causing the issue now that I'm using Storyline. But, I'll make sure to keep note in case it comes up in the future!

Katie Riggio

Hey there, Renee!

While I don't have a solution to share from Anna's case, we're happy to dig into the gray box! A few questions to help us narrow down the cause:

  • Are you also using Cornerstone or a different LMS?
  • It looks like IE11 was the affected browser in Anna's case. How about you?
  • Have you tried testing in another LMS environment like SCORM Cloud to see if the issue happens there? This will tell us if it is related to your Storyline or LMS output. 

And I'd be happy to help you test in SCORM Cloud if you could share your file with me! You can attach it directly to a new reply here.

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