Gray intro screen on published Storyline 3 courses

Hoping you can help:

When publishing for LMS, using either HTML5 only or HTML5 with Flash backup, a gray screen is showing. It shows when the course is uploaded to our LMS, not when previewing within the Storyline tool.

See attached screenshot.

It's very strange because this has not happened with SL2 or SL 360.

Thank you for your input.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Carol!

That does seem odd! I'm curious to see if you have your Browser Settings set to Launch player in a new windowHere's what that would look like.

Are you seeing this with any other courses in your LMS? I haven't heard of an LMS displaying courses with this type of screen, but that could possibly be an LMS setting.

Carol Mealy

Here's an update:

There was a music clip that auto played on screen load and there was also a set of headshots that transitioned onto the screen at different timelines....I took the music clip off and the headshots, and voila! worked fine when I republished and placed the new files on our test environment.