Gray screen with play button on LMS version of videos

Apr 15, 2021


I'm using SL3 to create SCORM compliant videos, both by importing an existing mp4 file, and by creating from scratch using the screen record function in SL.  Both of these, when published to LMS in HTML5 format, are starting with a gray screen with a play button in my PC browser. I have the Video Option "Show Video Controls" set to "Below Video", which I thought would control this, but it is not.  Is there a setting that I am supposed to set to have the video display instead of the gray screen when it's launched?  

Also, when the video created using screen record plays, it is sized larger than my browser window, and I have to scroll down to see the bottom of the screen and the play/pause buttons.  Is there a way to adjust that so that it fills only my browser window?

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Audrey Dorn

Thank you for your reply Matthew. I applied the update to SL, but I still get the gray screen in Chrome. I found that not everyone in my organization gets the screen, which is probably because the browser settings are different for some people. If there is an update coming to fix the issue in Microsoft Edge?