Grayed out Character

I have one of the photographic characters along with three other photos on a slide.  I have each photo set to show a layer when the user clicks on it.  I want the character that has been selected to remain in color and the other characters/photos to go to gray scale so they look grayed out.  This works fine with all of the photos except the Articulate photographic character.  How can I give the Articulate character that grayed out effect?

Thank you for your help!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Meg,

You could try putting an object over the character and adjusting the transparency, or adjust the transparency of the character, itself. 

Here's an example:

I'm sure our awesome community members have gone for the same effect, at some point. Maybe a few can chime in with some other suggestions!

Meg Johnston

Hi Christine,

I just saw your reply as it was blocked by our firewall.  Your answer steered me right to the best answer!  The Recolor button on the Format Picture dialog box  - farther up from the Transparency setting is the one I wanted.  I think I was just exhausted from pushing to a deadline or I would have caught this. 

Thank you for your quick reply - it is very much appreciated!