Grey background appearing when publishing module

Please help. When I publish a module I am getting a grey background behind each slide when it should be white. The grey is sometimes patchy and appears in spots over each slide or it is just a complete grey backgroud. It causes the animations to not function properly and the text goes strange. Also it should not be grey as the backgrounf throughout the whole module is white.

Any idead as to why this is happening and can anyone help?? Thanks in advance.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kishan and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! You didn't mention what kind of pictures/animations are on slide when this is happening. I have seen this happen with certain image types. There is a thread here that you can review as well, but the bottom line is that it is best to use .png file types. If this does not help, please provide a bit more information or even share your .story file.