Grouping of hotspots

Jan 16, 2017



Is it possible to group the hotspots?




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Kartik Tyagi

hi chetna,

In simple manner grouping hotspot with other objects is not possible, they work individually. BUt you can use it by inserting inside the state of any other object. For example:- If you have a rectangular shape graphic on which you want to place an hotspot, create a hotspot and cut it from the base layer, select the shape and go to "edit state" and paste hotspot inside the state of that shape.

Hope it will work. Refer the attached storyfile.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chetanna,

You could also use transparent shapes and set them up with triggers that would allow them to act similarly to hotspots. You could group those shapes with other objects on your slide. 

Perhaps you'll want to share a bit more about the behavior you're looking to accomplish and that way other community members could chime in with ideas! If you've got a .story file started that's always helpful to share here as well. 

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