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Dec 13, 2012

You can copy guide lines by Ctrl+dragging an existing one to a new location.  I have mine at -120 & 120 for vertical and -90 & 90 for horizontal, the 1/3 marks.  However I made a new one on accident when I was trying to copy an object, and I cannot figure out how to delete it. I have tried dragging it to the side/top as this is how it works in PPT and Photoshop and also tried selecting it and deleting it without success.  Anyone know how to delete a guide?

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Cheryl Hoover

Good morning. 

I lost my vertical guide a few days ago. I've zoomed out to 10 percent and still no vertical guide. I've unchecked the options on Grids and Guidelines and rechecked, still no vertical guide. Any other suggestions? I'm a bit lost without it!



(ps - I went ahead and opened a ticket. I'll post when I get a response.)

Cheryl Hoover

It's fixed! Recap:

- I wasn't seeing "Add new vertical guidelines" on a right click, only the horizontal

- Leslie suggested importing slides into a new project or a repair. The import worked. I have two verticals and two horizontals now.

Information on import:

 Information on repair:

You don't realize how you come to rely on features like that. Thanks so much, Leslie!

Crystal Horn

Hi PJ!  Thanks for reaching out.  What version of Storyline are you using?  We've made some improvements to our object editing in Storyline 360 that might be helpful for you. 

Also, when you drag a guide line, it should move one pixel at a time, as well as display the x or y value.

I'm happy to try to noodle with you on how to get the lines to work for you!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Patrycja,

The Grids and Guides window will allow you to adjust the spacing of the grid setting to 2 pixels. Since you're looking for -21, not -20 or -22, you'll need to create a custom grid line for more precision.

Try drawing a link on your slide, and right click to open the Size and Position window. From there, adjust the vertical setting to -21 from Center.

You can also put this line on the slide master so it will appear on all slides. Then, when you're ready to publish, you can hide or delete the line.

Martin Dean

I seem to be the master of mysterious behaviour! But here goes with the latest 'weird' stuff....

I created a new vertical guide.  It appeared to the right of the slide and had slightly blue colour.  

I then dragged this new guide to where I wanted it to be and it disappeared!  I thought I must have made a mistake, or dropped it on another guide.  NOPE!  It is gone.  And so are the 20 others I have tried since.... Vertical and Horizontal....

Here is the video if you are interested:

It seems (and I discovered this while recording) that any messing about with guides whilst "EDITING STATES" is the cause of this... Which is not very helpful.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Martin,

Thanks for taking the time to record that helpful video! I'm seeing exactly the same thing you're seeing, so you're not alone. Thanks so much for reporting this to us. I'll share it with my team so we can begin looking at next steps. 

Until we have a fix in place, hopefully you can avoid adding new guide lines while also editing a state. We'll keep you posted on our progress!

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