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Jan 06, 2013

Hi there

I'm just wondering if anyone has any notes on how to build the hangman game. I have been trying to reverse engineer it without success. I am missing a step or two as the original word still keeps coming up. Any help would be great appreciated.

Just love the hangman game


Jules :)


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Julie Rick

Ok.. update

I wasn't updating the states - so that problem now solved... however I now have another problem...

If I duplicate the hangman slide the incorrect states seem to carry on where they left off... so if the head was revealed on the first slide, then on the second slide it would miss the head and any other incorrect ones that were revealed...

Is there a way to reset the incorrect states on each slide?

Thanks in advance :)

Teresa Heap

Hi all, hope someone can help me! I have a hangman game that is working well, got all states displaying and giving right options (phew). However, I added a try again button which links back to sameslide but then everything stops working properly - it looks like a clean slide but it won't draw the hangman and doesn't add all the letters. I assume this is as it is not starting as a fresh attempt and remembering the previous attempt/states. Is there a way of resetting a slide revisit as if a first visit? Thanks for any advice...

Teresa Heap

Of course, this is adapted from someone elses file. I've just added the nav buttons. It works fine unless you try again (option with wrong answer). The teacher really wanted the 'try again' option to aid the students in their vocab learning.

Since original post I've tried changing the slide properties, revisit section to "reset to intial state" which it does appear to do. Won't display for wrong answers though, ie draw the man. Agh!!

Kevin Thorn

Hi Teresa,

Slide properties set to "Reset to Initial State" will only reset the slide, not variables. 

It's a lot of extra triggers, but you will need to add a Slide Trigger for each variable setting it back to it's default value when the Timeline starts. That way, when the user clicks the "Try Again" button and the slide 'Jumps To' itself, all the variables will be at their original value as if you visited the slide for the first time.

Again, it's a lot of extra busy work adding triggers to reset every variable used, but this should solve your problem.

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