Has your course ever gone 'blank'?

Last night I stopped working on my SL file because I was content with it. (I went a little variable crazy.) Before exiting the program, I viewed the file and everything worked.

This morning, nothing works. When I Preview the slide, nothing except my teal background - no images, text boxes, etc. - appears. 

Also, when I opened the file this morning, there was a slide trigger on slide 2 to jump to the next slide when the timeline starts. First, there is no 'next slide' past slide 2. Second, I didn't add it. Even after I removed it, slide 2 doesn't load.

Any suggestions on what I should be looking at to fix this. (File is attached.)

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Venkat Subramanian

Hi Farah,

Do you remember what is the last trigger you have added, after previewed have you prompt to save, And you have used very large dimension of images in this file it may cause corrupt the file, I am attaching the file which load the slide, It may help you to take it further.

Phil Mayor

There is likely a special character somewhere that is stopping the render, the only way I find to fix this is to hide everything and click them back on one at a time whilst you preview to work out what the broken thing is.

Nice interaction here is a storyline file that may help you generate your receipt rather than using hidden objects.