Has your course ever gone 'blank'?

Feb 09, 2020

Last night I stopped working on my SL file because I was content with it. (I went a little variable crazy.) Before exiting the program, I viewed the file and everything worked.

This morning, nothing works. When I Preview the slide, nothing except my teal background - no images, text boxes, etc. - appears. 

Also, when I opened the file this morning, there was a slide trigger on slide 2 to jump to the next slide when the timeline starts. First, there is no 'next slide' past slide 2. Second, I didn't add it. Even after I removed it, slide 2 doesn't load.

Any suggestions on what I should be looking at to fix this. (File is attached.)

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Phil Mayor

There is likely a special character somewhere that is stopping the render, the only way I find to fix this is to hide everything and click them back on one at a time whilst you preview to work out what the broken thing is.

Nice interaction here is a storyline file that may help you generate your receipt rather than using hidden objects.



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