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May 21, 2019

Hi all - we have a few courses where we send learners (engineers) a checklist to verify they have done or been shown things during their site induction. We also want their supervisor's to sign off on the checklist, this needs to show on the learner's record. Out LMS doesn't have this function unfortunately (Litmos). Is this something that can be done using Javascript in a Storyline Module? Thanks in advance.

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Tatiana Nikolaeva

Hi Kim,

It's been a while, however, I was curious about your question and here are my thoughts on this.

Let's see which steps do we have and what could be done on each of them.

Step 1. A learner marks some checkpoints or inputs some information to a checklist. This information could be saved in the module and, if necessary, sent to lms.
Step 2. A supervisor should be able to see the record and mark it as completed. There are two options:
inside the module
- The supervisor cannot see each student's scorm progress on the LMS side. Each user can see only his own result when open the module. So, the supervisor has to log in as each user and then mark it as completed (it is could be done even without Javascript). Does your LMS provide this option?
or in LMS
- You can try to send check list's to LMS as values of different variables, create a report and then the supervisor will mark some other separated activity (not scorm) as done.
- You can also try to use Print results option and play around with sending this report to supervisor for review. But again it has to be possible in LMS mark any other activity as completed by the supervisor.
Does the LMS provide this option?

If any of the options could work, I can describe it more detailed.

Hope it could be helpful.


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