Have Manager Sign-off When New Hire Finishes a Module

Hi friends,

I am creating a new hire onboarding course.

1) I want them to check a box when they've completed a lesson.

2) I want their manager to check a box after they've reviewed that lesson with the new hire.

3) I do not want the new hire to jump ahead until the manager reviews the lesson with the new hire

I have not created anything yet, but planning this action out first. 

I want to develop the onboarding course in Storyline 360.


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Matthew Bibby

Yeah, I've done something like this before. 

Learners would complete their training on an iPad, when they got to a certain point, they'd be prompted to find a manager. The manager would then hit a key combo in the training, which would bring up a password field. After typing in the password, the manager would be presented with a summary of the results and after offering additional coaching, could hit the button and mark the module as complete.