Having a single drag item be auto-selected on slide load?

Sep 09, 2015

Hello Storyline community!


I've a question about Drag items (for drag/drop scenarios).

Say there is only going to be one drag item, and one possible drop target.  This would be used in a simulation scenario similar to moving a scanner item to be placed on top of a bar code to read it.

In this case, there is only one possible drag item intended.   I'm wondering if it's possible to have the scanner image automatically be "selected" when that slide loads. Also having the mouse be "clicked" so that it drags the item on the screen as soon as the slide loads.

This is meant to skip the "click and select" step, and just have the user just move the item to the drop target only.

Any thoughts on if it's possible to have the mouse auto-select the one drag item on slide load, or can offer any other ideas?

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Jay Yearley

Thanks for your suggestion, Ashley!  Well, the effect does involve the user to move the item to a specific spot. So not sure motion paths would work for that.

Just wondered if the draggable/movable item was able to initially be selected by default (like it would automatically be attached to the mouse cursor)  so the user doesn't have to click on it.

This is because a  previous slide exists showing a closeup of the scanner item and showing some buttons pressed on it to simulate it being adjusted for a certain task (this is done when a user has the real scanner in their hands).  So for the next screen  (the current drag/drop screen in this example), having it feel as if it was initially in their hands would feel more realistic.

Basically the simulation would be more realistic if it felt like the item was already in the user's hand - instead of having to click on it to "select" it, and continue holding the mouse button down to keep it selected in order to move it.

I realize it might not be possible in the normal drag and drop functionality.  Just putting it out there in case others might have had any ideas to make it feel like more of a realistic simulation, or knew a workaround "hack" that might get the drag item to be auto-selected on slide load.


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